Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Web Design With Consideration for Search Engine Traffic

When people think of web design the first thing that they think of is a brand logo and graphics. The next thing they think of is functioning and how the end user interacts with the website in question. Rarely do people understand things such as hosting and domain names, let alone the consideration of keywords and SEO. People take for granted that just having a website will be enough exposure itself. But where is the exposure?

Think of the Internet as a series of streets for a moment. How vast would that area be if each was a storefront? Imagine your own website, off somewhere in some dark alley, how will patrons get to it? That real world example is the same logic put into having a website with absolutely no regard for ranking in search engines.

The Importance of Keywords to Online Commerce

As a business owner, before even thinking of creating a website, you need to be thinking about Key Words! When you have a website designed it is not only about "looks and function", it is the time to think about on-page content and the keywords that you want to target. It is not rocket science, it is simple customer relations. Who is my market and what are they searching?

If your website is about the color red, will you write content about the color blue? Will you target colors other than red? Why would you do that? So the same mentality must apply to creating a web presence for your business that targets your market properly! You need to go after keywords that your potential customers are typing into the search engines. More importantly the keywords need to be targeted to sell. For example: "emergency car repair" or "fast extermination service". This is what people who are eager to buy will be typing. Can you think of anything like that for your business?

Beginnings of Market Research

Keyword research begins with understanding your market better. No matter how much you know about your current market, if you aren't already successful online, you need to know more. The only way to do that is to do some hardcore online market research for your particular industry. Now, if you don't understand how to do market research for the business you are in, let me happily be the first to tell you (or at least the loudest!), that you don't belong in that business! In fact I would wager that you don't belong in ANY business, with an attitude like that!

The bottom line is simple, you need to understand your market and your clientele in order to be successful in any business. So before starting down the road of Internet marketing, please make sure to do your market research! Build your website and its content around the keywords that you want to target, those are the people who are looking for your service or product! Don't neglect them by being out of their sight, or your business will never take off.


Putting Market and Keyword Research to use in Web Design

So by now you are probably worried about just how much work this all sounds like and how complicated it is.

Well, you have a choice:
  • You can either shy away from Internet marketing altogether and miss out on the extra exposure and sales.
  • Or you can study your own industry, market and niche, and learn what you need to know to succeed.
  • Or lastly, you can hire professionals in the first place who can guide you through all of this, before designing and launching your website!

For anyone with half a brain, the choice is quite simple. Hire the right web developers who not only build good looking websites, but who know the importance of keyword research and SEO. Developers who understand that research of the market and keywords, should always come before the actual web design! Considering search engine traffic as a major foundation of your website design, is the first step in a successful online marketing campaign!

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