Sunday, May 19, 2013

White Hat SEO and Why it Works

People often become confused when it comes to search engines and how website optimization works. Not too many people truly understand the value of Search Engine Optimization. Some who understand it at least a little bit, tend to believe that it is just all about on-page optimization and then the search engines naturally find the website and rank it based on their on page writing. While others believe that sending a massive amount of "quick and easy" link types will get the page to rank. This is what's known as "Black Hat SEO" and it is a popular method of backlinking to websites in order to rank them.

The problem with Black Hat SEO, is that it is a gamble and can negate any efforts done to rank higher in the search engines. Sometimes websites that use Black Hat SEO are de-indexed (in other words; taken completely out of the search index results!), making it impossible to get any exposure from search traffic. The gamble is fast becoming stacked more and more in favor of the search engine companies. Long gone are the days where just on-page SEO and a few blog comments or forum signatures could rank a page in the number one search engine spot.

Why mass linking is worthless today

It seemed that just a few years ago you could get away with throwing all kinds of automated backlinks at a page and get it ranked high in the search engines. Well that may have been so, but no longer does this quantity over quality black hat methodology work. While there may still be hundreds of mass linking tricks and automated tools being sold, they are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Even if some of these shady methods still work in one way or another, they simply cannot keep a website on top for long. More and more people are realizing the need for quality backlinking methods and practices, and even the tools of the SEO industry are changing to reflect this fact. It may not be a bad idea to use an automated program to create a large number of accounts, but to use an automated tool to post spun garbage content is just counterproductive these days.

The search engines like fresh and unique writing

As search engine technology gets more and more sophisticated and intelligent, the need to produce quality content for your backlinking campaign is increasing. The modern search technology can detect and flag content that is poorly written or copied from somewhere else. And that technology is getting better by the day. What that means, is that the need for quality niche relevant content linking to your website gets greater as the technology advances.
Web designers, SEO experts and even the average business owners are beginning to recognize the need for quality and informative written content across their networks and on their own websites. People are beginning to understand the logic of search engine placement. If a website is really dedicated to something, it deserves to be seen by people who are searching for that thing. It just makes sense, but that does not make the task of Search Engine Optimization any easier.

Why White Hat SEO works so well

The reason that White Hat SEO is so successful, is because it is all about quality writing and proper linking strategy. It is quite clear that it is just a matter of doing the right thing, giving search engines and people what they want. When you create a supporting property such as a web 2.0 blog, a Squidoo lens or an industry targeted article, it must be something worth reading, (like this blog!). If the written content is not informative or entertaining or if it has no real value to readers, it will also pose no value as a backlink. However, if the writing is well done and helpful to the readers, any links within it will be quite helpful in pushing your target website up in the search ranks!

Quality written content wins the race

No matter what industry you are in, you want to be the leading company within it. in order to do that, you must create quality and brand trust. The same is true of your website and internet brand image. If poorly written, useless content points to your website, what does that say about your company? You absolutely must have trust these days in business! With technology giving everyone the means to easily research and learn, you need to keep a clean brand reputation. Utilizing quality White Hat SEO Services, to rank your website will benefit both your ranking and your brand image.

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